Wes Poe is the owner and primary carpenter in the shop and likely the person you’ll be working with directly on your project. Wes has been a wood worker since he was a kid and has always had a love for building and fixing things. Wood working is a passion he got from his dad as a matter of fact many of the tools used in the shop were handed down from his dad Jack.  

Wes comes to this shop to pursue a passion that he’s long wanted to turn into a business. Prior to this he was a successful program director at radio stations and was also a DJ having spent time working in Kansas City, San Diego, Monterey, Phoenix, and Texas. He had a 20 year career in radio and still has the tunes cranked up in his shop, but with two young kids growing up fast, now is the time to be closer to home, be there for them, and share his skill, love, and passion for wood work with his daughter and son.