Post #2 01/10/2020 (Happy New Year)

My 5 year old daughter Stella asked me what I wanted for my birthday (This was back in July). I said a new job. She asked what job I wanted, and I said “I’d like to be a wood worker full-time” She said, “then I think you should be a wood worker.” As if it is just that easy. Truth is it kind-of is. I spent multiple years getting this shop ready and am still getting it in order to handle the volume and level of quality work I am focused on producing. I am very close to having the equipment and workflow where I want it. I couldn’t do it without the support of friends and family. Mostly my wife for her understanding and encouraging me to take this beyond a hobby. What will 2020 hold? I’m not sure, but I am sure that I have the right people around me to accomplish goals, that would only be dreams without them. Cheers to a great new year!

My New Years Resolution is to find ways to help those in need more often. When I worked in radio I worked with charities often, and felt like the work I did helped others. This is a new world and perhaps there are some opportunities with habitat for humanity or other construction charities to get more involved. I need to keep myself connected to a higher purpose beyond just making a living. 

 Including a couple pictures of progress getting the shop put back together, adding a spray booth and getting my dust collection better positioned. Adding video in the shop soon. Will start to time lapse on projects and hopefully see some cool wood stuffs coming to be. Thanks for reading!


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