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When I launched Wes Wood Stuffs, it became clear that a pencil sketch wouldn’t provide the detail to allow customers to visualize what a piece of furniture would look like from all angles. 3D modeling became a necessity to be able to allow clients to see what their project would look like when complete. Additionally it helps minimize errors, I can work through structural issues in the computer before I cut any material which allows for less wasted time and materials. I can build a project with all components on a computer in a fraction of the time it would take to hand draw plans. Additionally, from those models I can pull all the relevant component information to get a comprehensive material, and cut list. On some projects the 3d Design becomes a more integral part of the build by pulling the actual designed parts into another program to allow for my CNC router table to produce the parts. I work in Sketchup Pro and use V Carve Pro with the CNC. These programs allow for accuracy, and better control of the project. It can also save time if I end up building similar pieces of furniture by having a database of previous projects to pull inspiration and actual parts and data from. Some say involving computers lessens the art of the piece, and I can’t argue with that. I truly appreciate 100% handmade wood products, I consider those individuals who work with all hand tools to be artisans, which is not a label I apply to myself, I am a wood workers and I use all available tools I can get my hand on to improve the quality of the work I do, and provide the best product to those who seek my services. If you have an idea of a wood crafted item, or furniture piece you’d like to see created, lets discuss it and perhaps I can help make it for you.

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