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If you have an old, or antique piece of furniture that need some refurbishment or modification we may be able to help you. Each piece of furniture is evaluated and if we think it’s salvageable or the requested work is within our abilities we can work up an estimate based on what we think the piece will require to return it to a good usable state. Here are some examples of pieces I’ve worked on.

“Please Note” I am not a furniture conservator. If you have an antique piece of wood furniture that has: high value, cultural and or historic significance in need of repair, restoration or preservation. A professionally trained furniture conservator is who you’ll want to find. Those individuals are extensively trained in museum quality restoration and preservation. Here is a (link) to The American Institute For Conservation. There are resources on that site to find help from those extensively trained in those arts. 

That said if there is piece of a old or antique furniture that the value lies in the ability for it to be used practically in your home or workspace; perhaps it has family significance or sentimental value. Or maybe you like the idea of repurposing something from the past and saving it from a landfill. If it has been damaged through years of use or if it looks tired and needs some assistance to come back to life, through thorough cleaning, finish refreshing and glue joint repair; I may be able to help. 

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