Post # 1 10/14/2019

The page is up and running thanks to a very talented web developer. Kevin McCoy! Thank you Kevin! I don’t know if he’s hunting for more web work but here is his website. I worked with him for a too short period of a time at my last gig. I’m thankful he helped me with this. It took my site to a higher level.

My name is Wes Poe and welcome to Wes Wood Stuffs, I left my day  job as radio program director and midday DJ almost two months ago at 106-5 The Wolf in Kansas City. I held that position for the better part of the 10+ years I was with the company. It was very hard to leave and take the leap. I had many people giving me the look. (dog with head cocked sideways confused) Not understanding why I would leave a position that I had succeeded in and wasn’t be fired. I looked at my life and the 20+ years I spent in a corporate world and music industry that was fun at one time for me, but I’ve lost my enthusiasm for it.

I am lucky and maybe cursed that I am a person of many passions and building and fixing is my true passion. I am married and have two little kids. Stella 5 and Thomas 2. I really wanted to do something that gave me the flexibility to be more involved with them. This website is an extension of what I do in my wood shop and what is now my full-time gig. Please follow me on Instagram. I post pictures often there and if you want to have a look back at what got me to this point. That is where I logged most of it with photo’s and brief words. I am also on Facebook but have just recently begun putting some things on there. I just prefer Instagram for posting pictures and keeping it positive. 

In the coming months. I will be featuring articles of the projects I’ve been working on and sharing some hard learned early lessons since launching this business. I know there are many more hard knocks in front of me, but I feel like the train is starting to inch forward, eventually I intend to have products for sale that will be able to be shipped theoretically anywhere. 

My wood shop is dedicated to my dad Jack. He showed me the value of hard work and started the spark for building and fixing in my life and that is something that I am truly blessed to have. Thanks Dad. I will do a more in depth post about who my kids and my sisters kids call Papa Jack.

More pictures coming soon, and if I can pick up some video editing skills I’ll get started on that also. Thanks for reading, I’ll catch you later. 


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