The Saw Mill

Wes Wood Stuffs is part owner of a Woodland Mills HM126 Saw Mill that is capable of cutting logs up to 26 inches in diameter and just over 16 foot in length. The saw mill: is a long term project and ultimately our desire is for most of the wood products we make at Wes Wood Stuffs to come from trees we mill ourselves. Once logs are cut into lumber it takes about a year for the wood to air dry to a moisture level that can be used to make items that will be stable in most indoor humidity levels. You can also kiln dry wood which shorten dry time to around 2-3 months; we do not have a kiln yet but it is in the long term plans to construct one. At this point in time we’re at least a year away from being able to build with our milled lumber. The good news most domestic hardwood species are available through other companies we work with; large saw mills in Kansas that provide high quality wood from local logs and also focus on responsible, low waste production, to keep logs out of landfills and burn piles.